Oh, Holy One, look deep into my heart, who can know it but You?
Oh, Holy One, examine every part, know me through and through.

Go from room to room, leave no stone unturned
Let Your light drive out the darkness, never to return.
Go into the places even I can’t understand for myself
For the heart is desperately wicked, and I need help.

Oh Holy One, take me, I resign, come and have Your way.
Oh Holy One, help my heart align to Your will, I pray.

Uncover where I’ve hidden my motives and intent,
And every secret treasure I’ve stored within my tent.
And all the old forgotten things that I have kept inside, identify.
For the heart is so deceitful and full of lies.

It’s not as though I’m hiding anything from Your eyes
Cuz You’ve seen it all from the start.
But I need to own up to my sin’s deceitful lies,
And let You bring Your truth to every corner of my heart.

I’m asking for Your healing, for You’re my only cure.
Let Your purging purify me from all that is impure.
Pour Your Living Water over me and wash me clean like a flood.
For my heart is desperately wicked, and my heart is so deceitful,

But my heart is reaching for You cuz I need help.

Help me, Holy One
Help me, Holy One.

Words and Music Copyright 2011 Rebecca S. Hedrick