Calvary Road

Your steps are holy, and your way is hard.
Dear Calvary Road, your surface is marred,
By the beams of the crosses carried by the saints.
The etchings tell the story of their obedience.

To be like their master, the Holy Lamb of God.
They take up their crosses and on their path they trod.
Seeking not their own will but the will of their Lord.
They walk with single-mindedness upon you Calvary Road.

Their tears make up your puddles, their sweat is in your mud.
The color of your dirt is tinted by their blood.
And at the crest of the hill are seen the silhouettes,
Of a million crosses planted, and a million humble deaths.

Oh Way of the Cross, you’ve claimed so many lives.
You conquer the flesh and watch the spirit-man arise.
And the saints who remain steadfast, pressing toward the goal.
Consider it a joy to tread upon you, Calvary Road.

Well, I pledge my allegiance, I’ve counted the costs.
I give all to Jesus and count all else but loss.
Dear Calvary Road, what a sweet and tearful way.
But I shall travel you to be like Him until that final day.

Oh, I shall travel you to be like Him until that final day

Oh, I shall travel you to be like Him until that final day.

Words and Music Copyright 1993 Rebecca S. Hedrick







As I thought about Jesus walking the road to His crucifixion and death, I wondered what was going through His mind with each step He took on that road. His determination to plod forward through the excruciating pain and suffering and the humiliation and shame was immovable. But what kept Him moving ahead? It was His love for His Father and His heart for people that propelled Him forward, knowing that He would stand in our stead in order to rescue us from certain eternal death by paying the penalty that sin had leveraged against mankind. It was for love that He gave Himself up, in order that we might receive His invitation to have an eternal relationship with Him and live.

Millions of others have since followed after Him, having discovered something of such great value in the pursuit that paying the personal price of sacrificial living was of less consequence than holding onto a personal ambition or agenda. Seeing Jesus in my mind, making that trek toward His death, made me wonder what it meant for me to take up my cross and follow in His steps.

What of that road that leads to the death of one’s selfish pursuits? Would I choose to engage it? Would I commit to the journey and look past my own cross of shame for the joy lying beyond it? Yes. Yes I choose to follow its way, the way the Master walked. Though I’ve stumbled many times on its surface, the most surprising discovery is that all along the way of the cross, there is joy and freedom and real life as self succumbs to it.