Becki Lean In 1

Hey, welcome to my website!

I’m not sure how you found it, whether you stumbled upon us or whether you heard me sing and were curious for more.  However you arrived, I’m glad you’re here!  Have a look around, listen to samples of my music, read a song story or two, check out  the ordering page if you like what you hear.  There are a few other gems you’ll come across while you’re looking, and I hope that as you do you find some things that pull you in closer to Jesus.  He is the reason for these songs, He’s the reason that I live.  I just want to make sure that you have an opportunity to get to know Him, because truly, to know Him is to love Him!

May you be blessed in Christ Jesus and be changed by His love!


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A Larry Norman tribute at the premiere Legends of Jesus Music concert.  We’re grateful to have it, though the performance and sound were actually much better than this front row camera capture.